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If  you’re thinking of bulking up, you can’t just rely on a workout alone to get results. In fact, exercise isn’t going to do much good for you – unless you have the right nutritional base behind it. Nutrients are the building blocks of muscles, specifically protein. Foods that come packed with lean protein are absolute must-haves when you want to start building lean, hard muscle. So how can you get more protein? has these tips:

  1. Sneak more protein into breakfast by having a protein shake. Just add a scoop of protein powder to a blend of fresh fruits, ice, and fat-free yogurt and start blending. You’ll have a delicious shake that’s packed with muscle building protein in no time.
  2. Make sure breakfast is full of protein by eating eggs. Not only do eggs contain lots of healthy protein, but they also have essential fatty acids and vitamins that are vital for building and maintaining strong bones and healthy joints, which you’ll need with more muscle.
  3. Having a bagel or toast with breakfast? Instead of butter, jam, or cream cheese, try spreading on some natural peanut butter for more protein.
  4. Instead of indulging in sugary snacks, reach for a protein bar or protein shake instead. You can find tons of protein bars and shakes out there  in a variety of flavors to satisfy any craving. You can also reach for Greek yogurt or nuts, which are perfect for snacking on while getting a good dose of protein.
  5. At mealtimes, reach for foods like chicken, turkey, bison, buffalo, lean beef, fish, or seafood to get essential nutrients as well as a ton of lean protein.
  6. Make it a habit to follow up your workout with some protein so that you can repair muscle. Try having a protein bar or shake, or even a bagel with some peanut butter on it to pump up your body’s intake of this valuable nutrient.
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