5 Essential Supplements for Runners

Fish Oil: This supplement is packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, which help build and maintain strong, healthy joints. As a runner, you put a lot of stress on your joints. Fish oil can help you keep your joints at their best.

Daily Multivitamin: Everyone knows that a good multivitamin will provide you with all of the essential nutrients to stay healthy. Find one that works for you so you can nourish your healthy body, but keep in mind that in order to get the best benefits, you have to combine a vitamin with an already healthy diet.

Beta Alanine: This supplement is an amino acid that can increase muscle strength and aerobic endurance while delaying muscle fatigue, which means runners can train harder and longer to make even more progress.

BCAAs: Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are important for runners because they are metabolized in the muscle instead of the liver, which means that these amino acids can be used to quickly build new muscle or can be burned as fuel to produce energy.

Orange Speedball: This unique runner’s supplement from BodyEnergyShop.com is a great pre-workout booster that fuels your body so that you can work out harder, train longer, and recover faster – without losing an ounce of energy. Great for long distance runs!

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