Which Burns More Calories?


For dieters everywhere, the method of exercise can make all the difference. However, when it comes down to which exercise is better for losing weight, you’ll find differing viewpoints. On one hand, cardio has been regarded as the foundation of a weight loss plan. Cardio exercise helps you boost your metabolism which in turn helps you kick start your ability to burn calories. However, on the other hand, there’s a new research study that’s been released by the University of Southern Maine which suggests that weight training may offer more calorie-burning potential than cardio exercise.

In most cases, many people believe that strength training results only in bulking up, but this new study shows that participants who did 30 minutes of weight training vs. a 30 minute run at a fast pace ended up burning more calories. Factor in strength training’s ability to boost metabolism for up to 36 hours after the workout and you’ve got a great form of exercise that’s ideal for helping you slim down for swimsuit season.

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