Social Networks Increasing User Energy?

Critics of online social networks have a lot to say about the productivity levels that the recent technological networking marvel have afflicted on users. With facebook pretty much controlling the public debate platform for teens, many are wondering whether or not students in general can benefit from the access to knowledge that has suddenly become available in the realms of the social network. Students, just like people who work the 9 to 5 routine, are always looking for ways to increase their energy and feel like they are able to do more with their time. One of the ways they get help is through the popular energy boosters that are out there in the market. These are supplements that help people stay focused or energized, depending on the product, and give out a constant boost of energy to whoever uses them. And the place to find the best advice for them? A social network of course! People who you already know and trust can offer their two cents on what supplemments they recommend and what you should do. It’s a method of research so commonly used that facebook has even created a special “Questions” section on every user’s profile. Check out the best supplements for you or recommend some to your friends and see how it works out. Odds are that it’ll be better than simply using Google.

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