Working Moms Need an Energy Supplement

We all have that picture of a hard working mother in our heads: she’s toting around three children in a stroller while using the other hand to send out an important e-mail to her staff on her Blackberry. When she comes home after work, her day is far from done. There’s cooking and cleaning to attend to, homework to check, and bedtime stories to read. It’s practically a miracle these women are able to get up each day and do it all over again!

In this blog we spend a lot of time talking about the athlete who needs to enhance his performance or the student who’s working part-time and going to school full-time. But if any group of people is in need of an energy supplement, it’s the working mom. It’s amazing to think that in less than 50 years, she has become a staple of America. Long gone are the days of a housewife. Today’s mom is more like Superman, er…Superwoman I should say.

Until you can whisk away your children off to college, there will be days that you feel completely drained and an afternoon nap isn’t an option. On the days that Tommy has soccer practice, Susie has ballet class, and baby Jack is still teething, consider all the great benefits of an energy supplement. You’ll be able to take on the world, or at least tackle your hectic schedule without crashing  by 4pm.

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