Exercise Tips

The One Thing You Need to Do Before Stretching

Stretching is important before any type of workout or athletic contest, but before you start with the back bends, hurdler’s stretches, and torso twists, be sure to follow this one simple tip that can make all the difference.

Before you start stretching, be sure that you do a warm up. A warm up can be as simple as a light jog, jumping jacks, a few sit ups, or push ups. The point is that warming up helps prepare your muscles for workout by increasing blood flow. It also gets your heart rate up, which can prepare your body for your workout. Your warm up should be just to the point of breaking a sweat. Don’t go overboard, as that could actually cause muscle injury.

If you skip warming up, your body takes on something called the stretch reflex. Stretch reflex is an automatic response caused when the nerve fibers in your muscles are stretched. This in turn causes your muscle to contract against the direction of the muscle stretch, which could then lead to a mile pulled muscle or other strain. By doing a warm up, you actually help your muscles relax and become loose so that when you do stretch, you’re in complete control of your body.

Do yourself a favor. Before you stretch, give yourself time to warm up. Not only will it improve stretching, but it’ll also have a positive impact on your workout.

4 Easy Ways to Sneak in a Workout at the Office

If you’re dieting this summer, you already know how important it is to exercise, but  when you’re stuck in the office all day, it can be tough to focus on your workout. Not to worry. BodyEnergyShop.com has a few great ideas on how you can get in some exercise while you’re working 9 to 5,  no matter what your occupation. Whether you’re working in an office or in a factory, you can use some of these 4 ways to sneak in a workout while you’re on the clock:

1.) Keep a small, few pound weight at your desk and do some bicep curls while you read through your emails or join in on a conference call. Start out by doing a few reps on each side and then break for a few moments between each set. Do it a few times a day to get the most impact.

2.) Take the stairs instead of the elevator. It’ll get your heart pumping and it’ll work your body’s muscles as you get to your desk or workspace.

3.) When you get a break, do a few squats at your desk or in the break room. Sure, you may look funny, but the movement will keep you lose while working your leg muscles.

4.) Walk as much as you can. Try walking to lunch instead of taking the car or park further away in your building’s parking lot. You can also think about going for a walk as part of your lunch break. Take a half our at the beginning of your break to go for a walk around the block and then use the second half hour to enjoy a healthy lunch. You’ll kickstart your metabolism and your energy levels all at once.

Our Top 5 Rules for Runners

If you’re just starting out as a runner, or if you’ve been running for awhile, you can appreciate some of these unspoken (or sometimes very vocal) rules about running. Lace up your shoes, start stretching, and don’t forget to put these guidelines into practice when you hit the trail, treadmill, or track:

1.) Let Angry Drivers Pass You By

If you live in an area where there’s not much sidewalk, you’ll probably end up on the side of the road on your run at least a time or two. Runners are a motorist’s worst nightmare, so when they get angry at your presence, just let them go, no matter what they may say or what gestures they make. You’re getting a workout while they’re on their way to work.  Also, always assume that the driver can’t see you and practice safety while running near the road.

2.) Be Mindful of Your Attire

Runners need to dress for the elements, so be sure that you have the right gear when you go out for a run. Keep your shorts airy when it’s going to be hot and be sure to wear layers if it’s chilly. Spandex and moisture wicking fabric is your friend.

3.) Never Skip a Run

Trust us – you’ll regret it. True runners will jump at any chance to get out there and get moving. If you pass up a marathon or even a jog with a friend, chances are that you’ll regret it later.

4.) Bring Plenty of Water

Running, especially in warm weather, can be a ticket to dehydration. Keep your body hydrated by drinking before, during, and after your run. Keep a bottle of water with you just in case.

5.) Always Stretch

Stretching is key for a good workout, not to mention, it helps prevent injury by lightly warming up your muscles. Take time to stretch both before and after your run. You’ll be doing your muscles a huge favor.

Don’t Forget to Warm Up and Cool Down!

When you’re in an intense work out, we bet you don’t think about how important your warm up or cool down is. While it may seem like it’s a waste of time, taking the time to actually warm up your muscles and cool down your body after a workout can have tons of benefits. Not only will you be encouraging your body to better adjust to exercise, but you’ll also be minimizing your risk of injury. Warm ups and cool downs keep your muscles moving gently so that when you stop exercising, you stay loose.

Do yourself a favor the next time you work out. Make time to do a 15-minute warm up, even if it’s just stretching. Then, after your workout, take another 15 minutes to do a cool down. Go for a light jog, stretch, or do some light aerobic exercise. Trust us – your muscles and your recovery times will thank you if you take the time to actually warm up and cool down the right way.

Which Burns More Calories?


For dieters everywhere, the method of exercise can make all the difference. However, when it comes down to which exercise is better for losing weight, you’ll find differing viewpoints. On one hand, cardio has been regarded as the foundation of a weight loss plan. Cardio exercise helps you boost your metabolism which in turn helps you kick start your ability to burn calories. However, on the other hand, there’s a new research study that’s been released by the University of Southern Maine which suggests that weight training may offer more calorie-burning potential than cardio exercise.

In most cases, many people believe that strength training results only in bulking up, but this new study shows that participants who did 30 minutes of weight training vs. a 30 minute run at a fast pace ended up burning more calories. Factor in strength training’s ability to boost metabolism for up to 36 hours after the workout and you’ve got a great form of exercise that’s ideal for helping you slim down for swimsuit season.

National Bike Month Can Help Inspire You to Get in Shape

May is National Bike Month and while not everyone will be pulling out his or her bike to make the commute, many will be celebrating the occasion on the third Friday of May, which is Bike to Work Day. Not only does biking reduce carbon emissions that you regular commute by car or public transportation produces, but biking to work may be one of the best things you do for your body. Biking is an incredibly healthy activity that can help you boost your calorie-burning ability, your endurance, your muscle tone, and even your ability to lose weight.

Don’t let May be the only time you consider biking as a way to get in shape and improve your overall level of health. Making biking a regular habit in you fitness routine can help you trim and slim you body down to the physique that you know you want, plus, the exercise has a ton of benefits for various muscle groups, making it a great form of exercise that you can do each and every day. Consider turning your commute into a workout. Try riding your bike to work this May . Even if you can’t make the commute by bike every day, start out by trying a few times a week, once a week, or even a couple times a month. It’s a great way to get yourself to work while getting in shape!

Baseball Energy Shop

Baseball season is finally upon us. It is that time of year where we can enjoy America’s Pastime. It is always enjoyable when we watch or involve ourselves with a game of baseball.

But if you are someone who likes to participate in the sport of baseball competitively, then you are going to want to be in the best possible shape. You can help get your muscles in their optimal physical condition with help of Gaspari Size ON muscle builder.

This muscle builder is a cut above the rest. This formula is designed to help your muscle regenerate as quickly as possible after you tear them down through an intense work out. They will regenerate quicker and become even stronger in a shorter period of time.

Additionally, the Gaspari Size ON muscle builder formula is also designed to help lengthen your endurance for those exciting games that go on until the last possible second.

So if you want to get yourself into the top physical shape for baseball, or any sport, make sure to visit BodyEnergyShop.com.

Get Your Beach Body Ready

Summertime is a lot closer than you think and if you’ve been stressing over fitting into your suit or looking good as you stroll the beach, then it’s time to start working on getting back to your bathing suit body. BodyEnergyShop.com has some weight loss supplements to help you on the journey, as well as some other tips for getting your body back into shape and ready to be shown off on the beach:

1.) Drink plenty of water instead of sugary or calorie packed drink with meals. Drinking water not only keeps you hydrated, but it can also reduce the amount of calories you take in as it nourishes your body and keeps it from confusing hunger with thirst.

2.) The next few months are going to be all about exercise, so design a plan that incorporates toning, cardio, and endurance so that you’re ready to hit the beach with your best body yet. Try working with a personal trainer, or work a different muscle group each today to see results that can keep up with your busy schedule. Can’t wait to cool off? Swimming is great for weight loss and weight management.

3.) Don’t buy your bathing suit till you’re satisfied with your weight. You’ll feel good about finding one that fits, plus, you’ll save yourself time, money, and hassle when it comes to your weight.

4.) Smaller portions! Split your meals with a friend or simply take home half of your meal to be eaten later. You’ll cut back on calories and you’ll condition your body to be satisfied with smaller amounts of food.

5.) If you have to snack, then do it smart. Fruit, veggies, low fat cheese, yogurt, crackers, and nuts are great alternatives to what you’ll find in the vending machine at work.

Building Up the Legs

Most any sort of physical activity that you will be doing requires you to have strong legs.  This is true about any sport.  The legs get you where you need to be and they help propel you.

A lot of skills in various sports that you most commonly associate with the arms or the hands actually start with the legs.  When you throw a football, you need to plant and push with your legs.  When you shoot a basketball, you first need propel with your legs.  All of the strength also comes from your legs when you are setting a volleyball.  So it is important to focus on all the muscles in your legs when you are physically training yourself.

There is a set of exercises that you can do to really help out your lower body.  They are called “plyometrics.”  These workouts are designed to help increase the height of your jump and the power you can put into most of your sport skills.

So remember to include plyometrics in your workout regime.  Also remember to visit BodyEnergyShop.com for all of your bodybuilding and weight training supplement needs.

Get Strong for Basketball Season

If you’re the type of guy who plays in a recreational basketball league, or if you’re a student athlete looking to boost your competitive edge, you’re going to need some help from BodyEnergyShop.com. Here are 5 essential tips you need to keep in mind as you condition yourself and boost your stamina to perform this basketball season.

First off, you’ve got to make sure that you’re building up your endurance and are conditioning your body to perform on the court. The best way to do that is to run, whether it’s on a field, on a track, or just on the court itself. Run for speed and run for distance. Change your pace and practice getting a burst of speed to build your ability to spring off and move. Push yourself, but don’t do it to the point where you’re going to get an injury. Expect to feel a little burn in your lungs, but that’s a good thing.

Next, stay consistent with your training schedule. If you’re looking to go running, practice free throws, or just work on shooting, you have to set yourself up on some kind of schedule to keep you regulated and to build muscle memory. Practice and stick with it. You really have to abide by your routine religiously to see results.

In the off-season, work on building up your strength by doing some weight training and really focusing on building lean, not bulky muscle. Work with a trainer to find a program that’ll work best for you, or experiment with different techniques. Basketball players need agility, speed, and power, but it can’t weigh you down or feeling bulky. Keep lean.

Also, make sure that you’re giving the body the nutrients it needs to build lean muscle, repair muscle damage, and give you the energy boost you need to train and perform on the court. A healthy diet that’s packed with lean protein for muscle and energy, essential fatty acids for joint health, and antioxidants for a healthy immune system are all essential. To get an extra edge, try using a workout drink mix like Orange Rush sports drink before you hit the court. This formula comes packed with protein and carbs to keep up your endurance, as well as a blend of natural herbal extracts to give you energy and focus as you intensify your game and really give your best. Finally, focus on keeping your body hydrated all day long, whether you’ve got a game or not.