Finding New Ways to Stay Focused

The world has changed drastically in the past decade. Not to mention in the last two decades. And if we were to look at the projection of changes both in technology and culturally, then we would notice that the curve of change is only shifting towards faster changes in the near future. Keeping up with technology, culture, news, current events and an ever demanding work load can become exhausting for anyone. And the older you get (no matter your current age) the harder it becomes to stay up to date and keep up.

That is part of the reason many are turning to energy boosters for a little extra help during their day. Though many pills such as appetite suppressants and energy supplements are not meant to replace the daily intake of vitamins and minerals, they do serve a larger purpose in the expanding cases of people who are simply not able to get their demanded daily intake. Their popularity stems from the idea that keeping up with the daily food routine should take up too much time. Since many in the western world consider their time in terms of money value, then these pills serve as a product that saves them money by saving them much needed time, or helping them stay focused and energized in the time they are anyway at work.

Should ‘I’ Take Weight Loss Pills?

It’s easy to get attracted by the allure of weight loss pills as a quick fix solution to your weight loss problems.  “Pop some pills and watch the fat disappear”. Unfortunately though, weight loss pills are not suited for everyone.

First off,  there’s two different types of weight loss pills. One is medicinal and strictly regulated by the FDA (and similar drug agencies around the world), they have to undergo rigorous trials and test before they are approved due to the active nature of the ingredients which try to affect the hormonal balance in your body. The other type of pills are advertised as herbal weight loss pills and are not regulated because they contain no active ingredients that could cause potential harm. While it’s much easier to get hold of herbal weight loss pills the problem is that there is no clear cut evidence that they work – infact, because they are herbal, the same ingredients in your weight loss pills could also be used in a herbal acne pill!

It is a well known fact that your hunger is controlled and regulated by various hormones within your body. The idea behind medical weight loss pills is to control these hormones like serotonin which affects your appetite. However, because there are a large number of side effects associated with these weight loss pills they can only be prescribed by a doctor and usually only if the benefits outweigh the side effects. Someone who is overweight would not be prescribed weight loss pills like Meridia or Xenical because the side effects of high blood pressure, risk of heart disease, interference with other medication and inability to control bowel movements outweigh the benefits of losing a few pounds.

If you start taking weight loss pills it shouldn’t be seen as the easy solution to your weight problem, you need to put yourself on to a healthy weight loss diet plan and take regular exercise to reduce your body fat. Only by taking a multi-faceted approach like this will you see fast results.

As mentioned earlier, herbal weight loss pills are not regulated so anyone with the right ingredients and equipment and create some pills and label it as weight loss pill. Infact, some companies go one further and claim that their herbal pills can somehow magically ‘melt away’ the fat from your body or ‘burn fat’ while you are sleeping. It’s very easy to be excited by these claims – who wouldn’t want to burn fat while sleeping in a cozy bed! – but there are often no clinical trials to back up these claims and usually a few dubious testimonials explaining how the person lost lots of weight by taking the pills.

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